10 Ways To Make Your Living Room Feel Bigger

10 Ways To Make Your Living Room Feel Bigger

In order to make your living room feel bigger, you need to first think about the things that are taking up space.  It might be a couch, coffee table, TV stand or even the rug.  Once you identify these items that are taking up space in your room, then you can start thinking of ways to move them around. For example, if there is an oversized sofa blocking one side of the room and it's not necessary for what will happen in the room (i.e., watching TV), consider moving it out of the way by either putting it against another wall or even getting rid of it all together! In this article, we will discuss in depth the best ways to make your living room feel bigger.

1) Move your furniture around so that it's not all bunched up in one corner. If there are a lot of chairs and tables, try moving them to other places in the room or even outside if necessary. This allows natural light from windows to flow throughout the space. 

2) Keep doors from opening into each other by installing a doorstop on either side - this will also allow for more light to enter the room. 

3) Use curtains or blinds as window dressings instead of heavy drapes that block out sunlight and create a stuffy atmosphere 

4) Add mirrors strategically throughout the room 

5) Hang paintings on walls 

6) Use more neutral color for upholstered furniture to open the room 

7) Add more vertical space by adding pedestal or turn of the century tables with mirrors on top

8) Install skylights - it will give you an overall lighter appearance

 9) Tuck away any extra cables and wires using cord covers 

10) Remove some of your large, bulky furniture pieces that are not being used.


The best way to make a living room feel bigger is by decorating it sparingly. You should only include a few pieces of furniture, preferably with a light color to make the room look bigger. Add a few decorations here and there, but keep them minimal, as well. In these simple ways, your living room could feel much more spacious in no time. For the best space efficient furniture and home decor, visit us at clickhomeexpress.com.au for the best deals and discounts on all your home essentials! 

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