5 Essential Tools for Your New Kitchen

5 Essential Tools for Your New Kitchen

Every year millions of people move out of their parents' house and into a new place, by themselves. There are some essentials every person needs in their kitchen to survive, so here is a list of the most important 5 for you.



1) Toaster Oven - This will be the best tool you can have in your kitchen, as it replaces your stovetop, oven, and sometimes your microwave. This oven will toast bread faster than any other toaster on the market, so you will have breakfast in half the time. It also cooks things much faster than a traditional oven, so it's great for mid-day snacks or last minute cravings you get at night after work.



2) Blender - How are people alive without blenders? They can puree anything into an amazing sauce that will fit any meal of the day. You can make sauces with vegetables that go perfectly on top of some chicken or fish, or if you're feeling really adventurous (and slightly crazy), try making one out of ice cream! I'm talking about sav ice cream sauces like pesto, chocolate, peanut butter, and so much more. In a few simple minutes you can have a sauce that will make everyone who tries it want to become your best friend. The possibilities are endless!



3) Coffee Maker - Full disclosure: this is not a 'tool' per say, but I think you're going to need something besides water in order to wake up and stay focused at work every morning. The easiest way to do this is by having coffee ready for you as soon as you stumble into the kitchen after hitting snooze about 100 times. This machine makes caffeinated happiness quickly and effortlessly, without spending too much money out of your wallet either.



4) Stainless Steel Cookware - In an almost metaphorical sense, stainless steel is the backbone of your kitchen. It can be used to cook just about anything in, and everything you cook tastes better when it's done in stainless steel. You can even use this material for baking things like cakes or breads! With stainless steel being so versatile, any person could spend all day cooking with it every day without getting bored.



5) Knife Set - The last thing on our list are knives because they are the most important tools in the kitchen by far. You MUST have a knife set if you plan to prepare any food at all. If you simply cannot afford one right now, go steal one from your mom! (Just kidding..!) Since knives are really expensive compared to other basics like pots or pans, I would suggest taking any that you can get until you actually save up enough money to buy one you like.

One last thing, if you just moved out of your parents' house to go live in an apartment with your friends, I hope they are good friends! Life gets really tough when there is no one else around to help when things break or when something isn't clean. Good luck, and happy cooking! Check out our site clickhomeexpress.com.au for more kitchenware essentials! 

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