5 Indoor Plants That Are Perfect For Spring

5 Indoor Plants That Are Perfect For Spring

Spring is a time of renewal, new beginnings and fresh starts.  It’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your living space with an eye towards new decorating trends. One trend that has been catching on over the past few years is bringing plants inside for year-round greenery in your home or office. There are many beautiful indoor plants that can help you achieve this goal, but here are 5 of our favorites:

1) Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - These trees have long leaves which give off an airy feeling as they sway in the breeze from a fan or window AC unit. They grow well near a sunny window and don't need much care other than watering every couple days during their active growing period (from March to November).


2) English Ivy - This beautiful plant has a cascading habit, with lush green leaves that bear white flowers in the winter.  It will thrive indoors as long as it's near a sunny window and you water it every couple of days during the active growing season (March to November).  A great benefit of this plant is that it is one of the best (if not the best) air-filtering plants you can grow due to its abundance of leaves.


3) Peace Lily - This is an extremely popular houseplant, and for good reason. It produces white flowers during the summer months and does well in semi-shade or indirect sunlight. It likes moist soil and you need to make sure not to overwater it (not usually a problem for most of us).


4) Bromeliads - Bromeliads come in many varieties and colors, including solid green leaves and variegated leaved versions.  The key is that they like bright sunlight but don't mind being kept on the dry side.  They also have the added benefit of being a good air-filtration plant.


5) Rubber Tree Plant - These plants are excellent for home or office spaces because they thrive in filtered light and tolerate a wide range of temperatures (from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit). They can grow up to fifteen feet tall so make sure you have plenty of room.


Indoor plants are a great way to improve the atmosphere of any home or office space. With so many varieties available, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your needs. They are easy to care for if you follow a few simple rules on watering and lighting, so grab some friends and give it a go!

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